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High Quality Tarmac Driveways in

Lincoln & Surrounding Areas

With over 30 years experience installing highways, car parks and tarmac driveways in Lincoln, our workforce are more than equipped to handle your resurfacing project. We have a reputation for being reliable, friendly and producing high-quality results. We only use the optimum standard material, which subsequently creates the most exquisite driveways and paths.

The most important consideration when fitting a tarmac driveway is to have it completed by experts. A tarmac driveway will dramatically enhance any property however, big or small and can look really quite stunning, if installed properly. With A1 Builders & Paving you are guaranteed the very best quality installation by trusted driveway installers with years of experience installing tarmac drives throughout Lincoln.

How Our Tarmac Driveways in Lincoln Are Laid:

We install tarmac driveways in Lincoln to the same specification as block paved drives, in that, they are dug out and stoned up to a thickness of 4 to 8 inches, depending on ground underneath it, with type 1 Hard-core and compacted with a roller. The tarmac is set in two layers, the base course will be around 50mm thick and the top course will be around 25mm thick when rolled out. Consumers have a choice of red or black, quality top coats. This will then be levelled and compacted using the proper machinery with all the necessary drainage considerations addressed.

The actual tarmac covering needs to be laid with a 12.5mm base layer followed by a 25mm wearing course, that will give you a tarmac driveway that will last for many, many years to come.

Tarmac driveways are usually used for highly trafficked areas and are a popular choice due to their durability and the availability of colours. When installed by a professional tarmac company they are quick and easy to lay. Tarmac is also really low maintenance, practical and economicaleconomical in terms of the cost for installation. New tarmac is created specifically to bear up to the surface aggravation of power steering.

We can design decorative edges in all sorts of designs, colours and styles, adding walls, garden features, lighting and drainage, as needed.

 Benefits of Tarmac for Driveways in Lincoln

Tarmac is quick to lay: With the right group of installers in position, the proper kit and years of experience we guarantee a prompt installation whilst retaining the highest quality finish for your new driveway.
Long-term, Sturdy and also solid: fully enhance the entrance of your house.

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